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About Kathy Wharton
We believe that the relationships we nurture with our clients and suppliers, the personalized service we provide, and the attention we pay to detail are the most important aspects of our work.


Wharton Associates is a full service interior design firm providing design solutions for residential and commercial projects throughout the Portland area and across the country for over thirty years. The designers work closely with clients from start to finish, whether it's planning and overseeing complete remodels, new construction of a home or commercial facility, selecting finishes and furnishings for a memory facility in Boise, implementing a turnkey design in Cape Cod, placing furnishing and accessories or simply selecting paint colors.


When hiring a designer you should feel you are working with someone who hears you and understands what you want, even when you don’t know that yourself. A great designer knows that when the project is finished, she is going to go, and the client is going to stay, and they should be very happy doing that!

Kathryn Wharton (Kathy) has been a successful Interior Designer for over thirty years. She has mastered the trade of Interior Design by using her well-trained eye and keen sense of scale and style to create interesting, creative, and beautiful spaces. She has worked on residential and commercial projects across the country from the San Juan Islands to Baja, San Diego to Cape Cod, Alaska to North Carolina, and several places in between.


Under Kathryn’s guidance, Wharton Associates tackles all kinds of projects from a full build or remodel to a simple rearrangement or paint selection. Kathryn believes that the purpose of her business is to build relationships that enable her to create a design plan that will best suit the needs and desires of her client. When a project is complete, it is vital to her that her clients feel they have been heard and that their goals have been met. 


Kathryn has also shared her expertise with others by teaching classes through the Interior Design Program at Portland Community College and at many different venues throughout Portland and Connecticut. Mentoring budding interior designers and lighting the spark of creativity in others is something that she freely shares.


The experience and knowledge Kathryn has developed over her thirty years in the Interior Design Industry, in coordination with her sophisticated yet comfortable and warm style, is truly invaluable. She is so thankful to have worked with such wonderful clients and is excited for the opportunity to work with new clients.

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